New Milestone at Recruitment Provider with Senior Appointment

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  • October 19, 2023
Envisage Group has appointed Louise Rossborough, People Operations Director, with the additional responsibility of leading the Envisage Recruitment team in future activities, effective immediately.

Rossborough will pilot Envisage Recruitment in the pursuit of growing as it gains more clients, builds its customer base across more sectors, and continues to expand its global reputation as a trusted business partner. Envisage Recruitment seeks to place high-calibre candidates in roles across the globe, utilising its extensive candidate network and highly talented search and selection team.

Louise Rossborough, People Operations Director, Envisage Group, commented “I’m very excited about this opportunity to be able to become part of our Recruitment team as we continue to grow as a leading recruiter. As recruitment specialists we recognise the impact digital and technological transformation is having on industry, and the associated need for a diverse and inclusive workforce. We also acknowledge the effect the nationwide shortage of skills and resultant competition for candidates is having on our clients, so the Envisage Recruitment team is working to navigate the skills deficit and successfully place candidates to fill the gap.

Recently, we have also been approved by the Home Office to participate in the Visa Sponsorship Scheme which means we can better support candidates from outside of the UK with their application and offer support to our clients throughout this process”.

Nick Colledge, Managing Director, Envisage Technologies, added “We are pleased that as part of her directorship Louise Rossborough is to lead Envisage Recruitment. Louise is an inspiration from not only an achievements perspective but also the contribution her naturally balanced and pragmatic approach brings to the senior leadership of the business.”

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