Battery Build Technician

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Position available: Development Technician

The role entails building and testing products designed by the company’s Engineering team. This will include building battery modules and packs, high voltage control systems and other electromechanical products as well as testing prototypes during the development process and customer products upon final assembly. Working closely with the design team, this candidate will support the design and development of products carrying out test and validation programs then feeding back to and working with the engineering team to improve the design, build and performance of these products.


Responsibilities include:

  • Prototype and final assembly of in-house designed products including low and high voltage battery modules, full battery packs and high voltage control units.
  • Analysis and feedback of design and build process to help improve
  • Carry out test programs on batteries, high voltage systems or other
  • Identification of improvements to workshop and product build processes including introduction of new tools, techniques or facility upgrades.
  • Documenting of build and test
  • General support with workshop management such as sourcing tools, managing stores and stock levels and keeping the facility tidy.


Skills Required:

  • Experience in building and assembling sensitive mechanical systems. This may be directly through building batteries or electronic systems or through experience of building other systems requiring a high attention to detail such as engines, medical equipment etc.
  • Knowledge of prototype build techniques and systems including:
    • Dummy build prior to production
    • Measurement
    • Understanding of build forces such as torque settings, assembly forces and

-Experience using build tools such as hydraulic press, measurement gauges.

  • Cooling systems
  • General experience of power and hand
  • Ability to devise and assemble simple test rigs, jigs or other equipment required to aid with the build of a product or support the design and build of more complex rigs.
  • High voltage training is useful but will be provided if
  • Electronic wiring and soldering would be useful but not


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