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Design Brand Manager

Part of the Global Design organisation, this role is to help strengthen and implement the Brand vision further, inside of course but also and primarily outside the company.

The amount of Branding work Design is undertaking is growing exponentially as we grow the company further. The need for a Brand Manager within Design has become crucial given the influence the department has had and continue to have on the business.

Constantly developing several products or projects simultaneously, the company is ambitious, and Design has been instrumental to this growth and sustained momentum the brand is enjoying at the moment. We want to foster this and go further, and it is now critical we build a strong Brand pillar through connecting and communicating Design Ethos to Leadership and Customers in a meaningful a relevant way.

The role is being created to alleviate pressure from other Design members currently handling more and more Branding activities. This person will enable everyone to have more time to do qualitative work in their field within Design. Subsequently, this role will become very important as it will be the enabler to a higher quality output across the board on top of being focussed on the Brand, providing a fresh point of view on trends, design, producing high standard creative narratives, etc.

This specific role is not only to provide an extra creative resource to our team on topics that were not necessarily well supported yet, it will help determine the Brand vision, tastefully driving actions, monitor executions and demonstrate abilities to coordinate and ensure deliveries of Design output from a Brand point of view.

Main Activities & Tasks

  • Partner with PR, Brand, communication, marketing team to ensure that our design strategy and creative vision is implemented and brings to life our brand in the most impactful and meaningful way.
  • Support the Business with Marketing, Communication and Product Launches, Expositions and Experience Centres to ensure that the brand’s image is consistent Have a deep understanding of the vehicle design process, Brand strategy, visual design, art direction, writing, film making and user experience to design inspiring, relatable, and intuitive experiences.
  • Should have a strong, creative approach to promoting design, be passionate about crafting a narrative for the brand, have an eye for details, and a love to collaborate with teams of multi-disciplinary creative sensitivity for Graphic, Film, and Communication activities.
  • Good working knowledge of Vehicle Design Process is very much needed.
  • Establish Design communication standards; support by preparing and assembling presentations for events, often mixing across multiple creative functions and disciplines and channelling all these inputs using powerpoint templates/visual content/film editing software/etc. to create state of the art Design presentations.
  • Work with Design management towards establishing Design as a Brand Pillar.
  • Showcase responsible multi-hat behaviour when balancing Brand/Design intents against greater needs of the company (design vs. business/budget/resource, etc.)
  • Be resourceful and adaptable to changing pace dealing with multitude of projects, be capable with juggling Brand work and related administrative tasks when needed in order to guarantee timely and qualitative deliveries.

And still do…

  • Achieve the highest level of creative output and support to the Brand, in and out of Design
  • Produce compelling and relevant Branding work to support the ongoing projects and any other assigned activities supporting company’s output.

What you need to be successful:

  • 5-7+ years design and creative direction experience working brand-side in-house, preferable with B2C companies.
  • Portfolio is packed with innovative and impactful work that demonstrates your ability to lead and develop brand design solutions that resonate and influence business results.
  • You have a deep understanding of brand strategy, visual design, art direction, writing, and user experience to design inspiring, relatable, and intuitive experiences.
  • You should have a strong, creative approach to design, be passionate about crafting a dynamic brand, have an eye for details, and a love of mentorship – you’ll oversee a team of multi-disciplinary creatives.
  • You must be accomplished in the process of working collaboratively to translate research, company goals, and high-level strategic direction into inspiring and successful design solutions and executions.
  • Strategic + systems-based thinking. Your work is built upon insights and systems, not simply creative ideas that can’t be realised.
  • Deep understanding of storytelling across varied formats.
  • You’ll jump on every opportunity to refine, evolve, and grow the brand.
  • Collaborative in nature, both within the department and beyond.
  • Incredible organisation, communication, prioritisation, and decision-making skills.
  • Able to build trust rapidly so you can quickly be empowered to create, innovate, and make impactful decisions with full ownership of your tasks and decisions.

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