Design Engineer – Chassis Systems

  • Northamptonshire
  • £30,000-£45,000
  • Permanent

Purpose of the role:

Our powertrain consists of a unique combination of readily available components available from Tier 1 suppliers. As the chassis systems engineer, your role will be to create and own the structures that hold these components together including the traction motor frame, battery cages, air tanks, and pneumatic and hydraulic plumbing that connect various subassemblies on the truck.

Key Tasks & Responsibilities:

Within the assembly, this engineer will be responsible for:

  • A deep understanding of all relevant specifications
  • Working with management to agree on changes and manage corrective actions
  • The conceptualization, 3D and 2D design and release of all relevant components
  • Performing all design calculations and have them checked by appropriate member
  • Managing the local Bill of Materials (BOM), including collecting data on cost and carbon footprint
  • Performing the first check and build of all designs, supervised by build manager
  • Supporting production engineering activities

Professional Skills:

As a crucial member of a small team, we expect you to have:

  • Experience designing metallic structural components for medium to large scale production vehicles
  • First-hand experience with designing for assembly and production, including tooling access and jigging
  • Extensive knowledge of production manufacturing techniques for sheet metal and tubular components
  • Exposure to best practice design with pneumatic and/or hydraulics plumbing
  • Understanding of first principles and ability to justify designs with hand calculations at a minimum
  • Discipline with release procedures, drawing and parts tracking
  • Quick, lateral thinking to find simple and robust solutions
  • Strong drive to check work with hands-on-vehicle measurements

Personal Attributes:

  • Hands-on experience either in professional or personal environments (Personal projects, factory floor, etc)
  • Experience working in small, collaborative environments
  • Ability to create and maintain their own momentum in workplace
  • Evidence of lateral thinking in agile environments
  • Good attitude and optimistic towards future
  • Strong work ethic and genuine humility



  • Undergraduate degree in relevant field (Mechanical, Electrical, etc)
  • 5+ Years of relevant experience
  • Strong knowledge of relevant subject


  • Graduate degree in relevant field (Mechanical, Electrical, etc)
  • 10+ Years of relevant experience
  • Expert knowledge of relevant subject

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