Immersive Unreal Tech Artist

  • Coventry
  • On application
  • Contract

Software requirements: Autodesk VRED, Maya, Unreal Engine, Houdini (is a plus)

Job Requirements: Work at a fast pace with our senior lead VR/MR developer to design interactive and immersive vehicle-focussed experiences to support cross-continent design reviews and push our customer focussed events to become industry-leading.

Working in Unreal you should be able to develop real-time, realistic material libraries. Be experienced in automotive photographic light rigs. Have extensive knowledge of Unreal blueprints. Whilst collaborating with the data prep artist, optimise datasets and projects through profiling and enhancing performance with the help of diagnostic tools and teach others best practices to maintain optimisation. You should be able to show a certain level of technical knowledge as well as have an eye for detail in the creative process. It would be nice to have a good understanding of scripting, whether that’s Python, C++, MEL, etc.


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