Vehicle Technology Specialist – Vehicle Systems

  • Northamptonshire
  • £40,000 - £50,000
  • Permanent

Key Tasks & Responsibilities:

  • Help develop and manage specification for driver interface systems in the vehicle
  • Work with procurement to develop a supplier network and manage communication
  • Collaborate closely with control systems & electronics teams to guarantee functionality of new features
  • Assist technicians during installation and perform necessary checks and calibration
  • Work closely with trim engineers to achieve desired aesthetic and HMI

Professional Skills:

  • Experience with HGV-oriented technology and installation
  • Wide range of low voltage electrical component applications
  • Demonstrated experience discussing, negotiating and managing supplier relationships
  • Discipline with work planning and documentation
  • Quick, lateral thinking to find simple and robust solutions
  • Strong drive to check work with hands-on-vehicle measurements

Personal Attributes:

  • Hands-on experience either in professional or personal environments (Personal projects, factory floor, etc)
  • Experience working in small, collaborative environments
  • Ability to create and maintain their own momentum in workplace
  • Evidence of lateral thinking in agile environments
  • Good attitude and optimistic towards future
  • Strong work ethic and genuine humility



  • 3+ Years of relevant experience
  • Strong knowledge of relevant subject


  • 5+ Years of relevant experience
  • Expert knowledge of relevant subject

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