How will Artificial Intelligence (AI) benefit the Recruitment Sector

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  • March 15, 2023
With the continuous and fast paced development of technology on a global scale, Artificial Intelligence is transforming the recruitment industry by bringing efficiency, accuracy, and fairness to the recruitment process. I wanted to give some thought to how AI advancements are benefiting the recruitment sector and what this next generation technology will deliver in the world of talent search & selection as it evolves:
1 – Improved Candidate Sourcing:

Recruiters stereotypically must sift through numerous CV’s, profiles and role applications to find the right candidates for a particular job, which is a time-consuming and labour-intensive task. AI tools will be able to help recruitment professionals automate the candidate sourcing process and find candidates who’s core skills and experience match their job requirements more efficiently. Machine learning algorithms can analyse candidate data from multiple sources, including social media profiles, job portals, and professional networks such as LinkedIn in order to recommend the most suitable candidates for a particular role. This would save recruiters both time and effort in identifying the right individuals from the global talent pool.

2 – Streamlined Screening and Selection:

The traditional recruitment process involves many stages including resume screening, pre-screening, and interviewing/selection. AI-powered tools can help streamline this process by automating routine tasks such as resume screening and candidate pre-screening.  AI algorithms can analyse CV’s and cover letters to identify relevant keywords, experience, and qualifications and then evaluate candidate responses to pre-screening questions to determine their suitability for a particular job. By automating these tasks, recruiters can focus on more strategic activities such as interviewing and candidate/client engagement which will enable a higher level of evaluation of the softer skills, personality traits and fit for the potential employer.

3 – Reduced Bias in Hiring:

One of the significant challenges in the recruitment process is bias which can creep in at various stages of any process. Unconscious bias can influence a recruiter’s decision based on factors such as a candidate’s name, gender, or age, leading to discrimination. AI can help reduce this bias by removing human factors from this stage of the recruitment process and deliver a truly unbiased and inclusive shortlist. AI algorithms can be programmed to ignore demographic factors when screening resumes, pre-screening questions, and even interviews. This ensures a fair and unbiased hiring process and will help companies to attract a diverse pool of candidates.

4 – Improved Candidate Engagement:

In today’s competitive and fast paced job market recruiters need to offer an excellent candidate experience to attract the right talent. AI-powered chatbots can provide a 24/7 virtual assistant to candidates, answering their questions and guiding them through any application and interview process. Chatbots can also provide personalised feedback and regular communication to candidates, keeping them engaged throughout the recruitment process and confirming any details required. This improves the candidate experience and helps recruitment teams stay on top of high-volume applications or during periods of large-scale growth where a diverse number of roles are being sourced across an organisation.

In Conclusion

AI is transforming the recruitment industry by offering a faster and more targeted sourcing model, coupled with increased time available to recruiters to spend on the key areas of the process such as client interaction, interviewing and focussing on finding the right cultural fit for both parties. The use of AI in recruitment not only saves time and effort but will also support the development of a truly fair and objective hiring process that benefits both recruiters, clients and candidates alike.

That being said, I truly believe that the AI and process automation coming into recruitment over the next decade will never fully replace the skill, network and understanding of an experienced Recruiter who knows their craft and market well. The Project Management involved in recruitment is key to the success of any hire and the ability to match the softer skills, desires, and attitude of a candidate to the requirements and culture of a business and its existing team will be very hard to replace with AI technology, so partnering with a strong and specialist recruiter will always be key to resourcing for any organisation.

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